About Us

Founded in 2002, Alabos is an India based company providing Staffing Services for overseas technology companies, and the entire range of back-office services covering Accounting and HR for organizations across the world, in an off-shore outsourced model from India.

We have helped overseas start-up companies build teams in India, and assisted in building a large workforce in India for cost-effective operations at their headquarters, and aiding in their branding in India.

For enterprises needing support services, we offer well qualified and experienced technology resources to exclusively work for them

For our USA clients using our back-office services for HR, Payroll and Accounting, we have provided them the option to divert substantial administrative cost savings by outsourcing. Robust internal processes developed by Alabos have ensured that the accounting and reporting requirements of clients have been met in a timely manner.

We also offer services to clients in UK through our UK based associate accounting firm.

Alabos is headquartered at Bangalore, India – the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

Our Services

Broad Overview Of What We Offer

Services in India

Services Outside Of India – Predominantly USA and UK

Building Engineering & Software Entities in India for Overseas Clients

We incorporate entities in India and make them fully operational for our overseas clients. We operate as per the requirements of the client in hiring resources, building infrastructure and manage the entire compliance requirements in India

Staffing Services in the Technology Domain

The client requirements of a support or supplementary team in India to augment their engineering and software requirements is serviced by offering our experienced technical resources to work exclusively for them, completely under their direction and control.

Data Entry & Bookkeeping Services

For clients who require only data entry and book-keeping services, we set-up a process to enable us to receive/access accounting documents and information and process data based on client’s requirements.

CFO Services

We offer full fledged outsourced CFO services where required, which encompasses accounting services as detailed and also total ownership of the entity’s compliance requirements. The scope and coverage of CFO services is based on client’s requirements

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing involves complete data management, data processing, ensuring compliance documentation is completed and on files, data submission and payroll reports. Direct deposit services and payroll reporting services are included in this segment of services. We also assist in establishing 401K plans and it’s administration using reputed payroll processing agencies with whom we partner for providing these service. We offer services for payment processing such as independent contractor payments and vendor bill payment processing.

Accounting and Related Services

We offer complete accounting services, demarcating tasks and jobs that will be handled at our facility, and tasks that will need to be performed at the client’s location. This classification is done after understanding the existing processes involved in the clients' operation. Our suggestions on activities that can be handled by us are decided based on what would be most productive and efficient for the business operations. The three stage process for this is as follows.

  1. Study existing systems and processes.
  2. Study accounting process and understand information requirements.
  3. Identify tasks/processes that can be efficiently and effectively done in an offshore outsourced model.
  4. Enumerate modifications needed to perform required tasks/processes from our offshore facility.
  5. Prepare flow-chart for information/documentation exchange.
  1. Listing of tasks/processes that can be performed from our facility.
  2. Client review and approval of the list of tasks/processes to be taken offshore.
  3. Identification of tasks/responsibilities that will be handled at client’s office.
  4. Decision of in-house resources v/s Alabos resource at client’s office.
  5. List of deliverables from Alabos with time schedules.
  1. Service proposal from Alabos with commercial terms.
  2. Review of proposal by client and finalizing on Services Contract.
  3. Detailed Process Notes for the list of tasks that will become Alabos responsibility.
  4. List of deliverables from Alabos with time schedules.